CAS No. Chemical Name: 2,2′-Thiobis(6-tert-butyl-p-cresol). Synonyms: CAO-6;IRGANOX ;Advastab;Antioxidant S;ANTIOXIDANT. Irganox – chemical information, properties, structures, articles, patents and more chemical data. May cause dizziness, nausea, incoordination, or anesthesia. (Specific target organ toxicity, single exposure; Narcotic effects, category 3) Suspect reproductive .

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They are hermetically sealed and have options for exact control. Installation dimensions Save space and weight through multiple arrangement of pumps or arrangement in the compact boxer design.

Metering of liquid CO2 blowing agent.


Integrated pressure relief valve A pressure relief valve in the hydraulic part of the diaphragm pump prevents potential overload situations in operation. LEWA ecoflow diaphragm metering pumps and process diaphragm pumps 2. LEWA diaphragm pumps achieve the highest efficiency of all pump technologies. Contact Supplier Start Order.

Hermetically sealed Diaphragm pumps work without dynamic seals in the process fluid area.

This irgnox us to guarantee maximum safety when starting up your system and a long service life of the diaphragm. Flow rate is adjusted via electric or pneumatic stroke adjustment, alternatively by motor drive FU.

Universal diaphragm pump head with PTFE sandwich diaphragm for high flow rates.

Our systems meet the strictest quality and hygiene requirements. This forms a hermetically sealed working area. These critical conditions frequently need to be kept away from the displacer system of the metering pump, either to protect the system or its operating personnel. Why do you choose Greenbo Biochem as your partner? Ensure an autonomous fuel supply with diaphragm pumps. Greenbo Biochem will do fully payment refund.


Single drive units with vertically installed motor are space-saving. It includes all definitions for a diaphragm metering pump in industrial use in terms of its design, construction, performance and acceptance test. When using an electrofilter for flue gas cleaning, metering sulfur improves the filtration efficiency.

Plastics processing LEWA supports you in plastics processing with custom-built plants and systems. Find the right product series by using the navigator. Find out more about LEWA system solutions for the energy utility industry.

When the pump is not operating, a spring pulls the diaphragm into a safe position at all times.

Proven, durable, reliable and with diaphragm position control. Use LEWA metering systems for this application!

J-GLOBAL – Japan Science and Technology Agency

Greenbo has charted the course for its successful development as a Life Science company. Metering of liquid CO2 blowing agent CO2 Metering of liquid CO2 blowing agent Metering of liquid butane blowing agent Metering of liquid butane blowing agent Metering of butane blowing agent Metering of flame retardant Irganox Metering of flame retardant Metering of dispersion of polymers Metering of chlorofluorocarbon CFC blowing agent Injection of scale inhibitor Metering of antistatic agent.

Antistatic additives or antistatic agents prevent the electrostatic charging of fuels which occurs due to the friction in the pipelines during transport. Companies in the mining, metal and minerals sector all over the world rely on LEWA pumps and systems in their processes. Caustic soda production At LEWA, find out about custom plants for producing and diluting different bases like caustic soda.


LEWA provides durable pumps and metering systems for various processes in the petrochemical industry. Ask our additive metering experts for more information! Here, the spectrum ranges from all-purpose variants to special designs for high temperatures, pressures or aggressive fluids. At LEWA, find out about custom plants for producing and diluting different bases like caustic soda.

Irganox 1081

Customized valves LEWA uses numerous special types of valves such as specially hardened valves for liquified gases or valves with minimal dead space for the food and pharmaceutical production. With LEWA intellidrive technology, we already have created solutions for many applications with very small flow rates.

Processing of produced water Produced water packages from LEWA can be used to purify produced water during oil drilling. For the manufacturing of insulation materials the metering of liquid CO 2 blowing agent is required.

Active Pharm Ingredients and Pharmaceutical intermediates. LEWA metering pumps with a remote pump head are used for this.