HP 8552B PDF

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If voltages are correct, the switch section is func- tioning properly. RF Section In addition, each test procedure contains a list of test equip- ment and identifies all test equipment and acces- sories by call-outs.

If the fuse is replaced and it immediately burns out again, a competent technician should be called to troubleshoot the instrument, or it should be returned to Hewlett-Packard for servic- ing.

Three Positions of Typical Switch Wafers. To assure good thermal contact for a replacement transistor, coat both sides of the black insulator with Dow Corning No. A current list of sales and service offices appears at the back of 852b manual.

Wiper bp toward CW with clockwise rotation of control as viewed from shaft or knob. If signal is out of limits, repeat steps 6 and 7.

This section covers instru- ment identification, description, accessories, speci- fications and other basic information. This is a Safety Class I instrument. After bandpass filter replacement and adjustment is completed, proceed to step Q.


Test Gear Maintenance

For specific compo- nent description and ordering information refer to the parts list in Section VI. Clip leads near body of defective component, remove ho nent and straighten leads left in board. In many cases the ‘old’ stuff has long since been written down, so in the books it appears to have no value. Q3 and CIS null out 8552g parasitic holder capacitance of Yl. The trace should move at least two vertical divisions.

HP B IF Section

The etched circuit boards in the B are of the plated-through type consisting of metallic conductors bonded to both sides of insulating material. Specifications listed in Table SI PNP, The blanking circuits provide blanking during the retrace cycle. Original Packaging 2- If this does not 852b the malfunction, replace the Bandpass 85552b.

DjVu is just like Acrobat, at least for the casual user like me, but the files are much smaller. Seal the shipping container securely. Selects log 2 or 10 dB or linear display modes.

The 10 kHz bandwidth is measured by using a frequency counter to monitor the input signal generator frequency as it is tuned between the IF filter half-power points. InstraView Request Form To get started: Ul and U2 outputs are com- bined across R43 and R44 and fed to the shaping circuit.

In situations not requiring nonmetallic tuning tools, an ordinary small screwdriver or other suitable tool is sufficient. Enables Q16, the linear scale factor amplifier.

Search Waveform Voltage should be At scan times of 1 second or slower it is filtered by C5 on the Scan Time Switch Assembly A9; this fil- tering eliminates any low frequency components that might frequency modulate the 2 MHz VTO and thus modulate the 47 MHz VTO when nar- row bandwidths and slow scan times are being used.


852b units are yp a complete analyser being made up from the display 8552bb, 1 x RF and 1x IF plug-in. There are 2 versions: The signal will null when the marker is tuned to the exact fre- quency of the signal.

This causes the Crystal Filter circuits to be bypassed. After repairs are made, repeat the test. Delete A5Z2 entire line. To adapt this manual to your instrument, re- fer to Table and make all of the manual changes listed opposite your instrument serial number. Check Ql, El and associated components. This number may be used to order 4 x 6-inch microfilm transparencies of the manual.

The locations of chassis- mounted parts and major assemblies are shown in Figure Q23 isolates the last filter stage from the compensation amplifier, Q21, 22 and Adjust power supply for -t Blade Tuning Tools The amplitudes of the individual signals may be slightly different.