WHAT YOU NEED TO PLAY. To use the information in Elder Evils,you need the three core rulebooks for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game—the Player’s. Elder Evils () – High-Level Threats for Your Campaign Your player characters stand on a precipice, the corpses of slain enemies. Spoiler: Official, non-Dragon Elder Evils. Show. Atropus, the World Born Dead ( an undead godling in the form of a small moon); Father Llymic.

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Originally Posted by Chilingsworth. The time now is If he is released from his prison the entire world will be covered in a deadly glacier, removed from light and hope for all time”.

D&D Elder Evils Epic Content

I am what lurks under your bridge, I am the troll Thanks for using a comparison, friend. If it was on the periodic table, its chemical symbol would be “Bs”. Dungeonss a sentient memetic virus by The Demented One Negative Zero a knowledge-hating wraith of necrocarnum by Kayzan Ledus Akull the Ice Queen an slder of mercy who wants to freeze the world by Dumbledore lives The Silver Hell star a gigantic sentient space construct by afroakuma.


It includes new content for epic level characters, in the form of extremely powerful, alien monstrosities intent on destroying the world and designed as a way of providing game masters a means of ending a elcer campaign.

Sertrous, A vast demonic snake. And they only speak barbarian tongues, which naturally consists of saying “bar bar bar” over and over again.

It serves the god Tharizdun. Although as i understand it you’re not allowed to simply toss them at the PC, you have to give fair warning.

Elder Evils

Shothragot is only Ghaunadaurs creation in Faerun. You can help by adding to it. Atropus, an undead godlin in the form of a small moon.

Sounds like a fun competition. IotSV could probably defeat it with Imprisonment i.

Results 1 to 20 of You could give a couple of them signs and they would work pretty well though. Scott The New World, Part 9: If awakened, the Hulks will destroy the world to make a nest for their own foul brood”. And here’s another homebrewed Elder Evil.


Elder Evils – Wikipedia

Thank you to masterofmods for providing me with the PDF link. There are other arts serving the same high purpose, but the discreet lexicographer does not name them.

Not only was that awesome, I think I actually kinda understand Archeron now. Originally Posted by Paul S. Originally Posted by Darius Kane.

Ragnorra, A hideous malformed monstrosity. If someone ran it, I’d be down to compete. Last edited by Tim Proctor; at eungeons Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective.

An art of draggons superstition into coin. Not quite an elder evil but this homebrew might be relevant Elder Evil Epigone. All times are GMT How dare you tell me what movies I should watch!