Adizes’ Corporate Lifecycle describes the typical life-cycle stages that many organisations pass through from conception to closure. Things change as you grow and every company goes through same common stages. Adizes Corporate Lifecycle illustrates how companies. Corporate Lifecycles: How and Why Corporations Grow and Die and What to Do About It [Ichak Adizes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Adizes’ Corporate Lifecycle

Working in the company begins to feel like belonging to an exclusive country club. A company in adolescence is in constant conflict and confusion, like a teenager. I like this book because it explains primary concepts in very simple terms. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

Once a founder takes the risk, a business is born. As things become more complex, it takes longer to fix mistakes and some fixes create new problems because of clrporate side effects. Premature Aging Unfulfilled Entrepreneur. As the company continues to succeed, work processes, procedures and systems expand accordingly. Companies aeizes the Fall stage are often cash rich and have strong financial statements.

Adizes Corporate Lifecycle provides great insight into how a company changes as it grows. What happens when they return? One key difference between the lifecycle for human beings versus organizations is that living things inevitably die, while organizations need not.

Get to Know Us. So the company starts to degenerate. Below this first list we’ve extended the model with some brief interpretation dorporate descriptive examples of each stage.


Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Published by the Adizes Institute. Flexibility is crucial for the success of a Go-Go; but adding structure and control is crucial for the transition to Adolescence.

Consistent inability to deliver quality.

This critical transition is much like the rebirth a teenager goes through to establish independence from their parents. Adolescent infighting can become so severe that a breackup occurs.

The focus is necessarily on dreams and possibilities. Infrastructure is a House of Cards. Write a customer review. How well or poorly management addresses these challenges, and leads a healthy transition from one stage to the next, has a significant impact pifecycles the success or failure of their organization.

Prentice Hall; 1st Edition edition November 15, Language: Many Go-Go leaders however, attribute little importance to structure, managerial processes or systems.

A Go-Go organization is a company that has a successful product or service, rapidly growing sales and strong cash flow. In order to get their profit back, the company focuses on cutting lifecycoes, which only hurts the business further.

If perpetuated, this inability to effectively delegate will plunge the Go-Go into a premature aging syndrome known as the Founder’s Trap. Each sale is a special event and everything is action-oriented.

Wdizes major crisis occurs. There are no processes or a systems, and nobody pays any attention to paperwork.

Adizes’ Corporate Lifecycle

When the peripatetic leader makes their next appearance, the accusations and frustrations begin anew. Take the online Lifecycle Assessment and get your results today! Lifcycles can occur on the spur of the moment. The effects of the steady decline in flexibility, which began in Prime, start to become more obvious in Aristocracy.

Once you know the typical path, you can avoid common mistakes entrepreneurs make when leveling up. The Family Trap occurs in businesses that are owned by a family where control remains in the corpofate of family members, and the family is unwilling or unable lidecycles place its trust in outsiders.


Nobody except the Founder owns the decision that created the disaster. Transition from Go-Go to Adolescence is often rocky and filled with internal conflicts as founders have trouble handing lifecyclez the reins. Designed for executives, manages and entrepreneurs in all sized companies, this practical, comprehensive guide provides you with the tools you need to keep your organization running as efficiently and profitably as possible. Company subject to criticism.

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Adizes Ten Stages – Corporate Life Cycle Model

Things other than running a successful business start to become more important, such as image, and they may look to buy businesses rather than continuing to innovate on their own. Nothing has happened to this point, other than some ideas being weighed. The creative people start to leave, yes-men take over senior roles, and company culture changes completely.

These qualities are quite alien to corporste entrepreneur who knows that his success came directly from ignoring boundaries and by being fast and flexible. They all started small with no more than a few people, and then grew. The time for talking is over; it is time to get to work and produce results sales and cash.