Concentration. Mouni Sadhu. 3. PREFACE. This book has been written to bridge the gap between the many existing theoretical works on mental concentration. Concentration Concentration Concentration tells you how to attain the power to control and focus the operation of your mind. In these pages Mouni Sadhu, the. Title, Concentration Mandala Books. Author, Mouni Sadhu. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Mandala Books, Original from, the University of California. Digitized.

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It literally got to a point where I was shaking with anger how ironic, right?

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Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery

The result is that I am unable to stop the unnecessary and persistent concetnration in order to begin work on my fifteen minutes of exercises. In cocentration, all his books clearly express the fact that the contemporary spiritual Master, Ramana Maharshi, unquestionably never advised any conversion from one religion to another, but rather a conversion kouni Ignorance to Wisdom. When, concentraion of these many useless thoughts, there appears only one, it is a power in itself and has a wide influence.

Nowadays the word itself is often misused and misinterpreted. And for example, instead of pouring a glass of water when you are thirsty, your hand lights a cigarette or even refuses to move at all. If the famous Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis is studied, it will be seen that yogis do not possess the monopoly of the state of Samadhi.

It is when one deliberately learns in advance, the lesson which is to cause misery. No eBook available Amazon. Sometimes unusual odours in our rooms can produce a particular kind of dream.

Concentration : Mouni Sadhu :

Hafiz Syed expressed it clearly and concisely in his Foreword to ‘In Days of Great Peace’ saying of Mouni Sadhu, “As an earnest seeker he pursued several methods of God realization as taught by various schools of Yoga, occultism and mysticism and finally came to his supreme Master and Guru, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi who finding him well equipped with the necessary qualifications But will you then care about titles and visible honours? Concentration cannot be a refuge for weaklings, or an escape from well-earned karma, or as a means of gaining something, despite that karma which affects the three lower worlds of physical, astral and mental.


If the latter does not impress itself on our consciousness in any way, it no longer exists as an experience for our consciousness. Such a man, as the reader may recognize, is a direct support of the fact that concentration is essential to yogic practices. The living consciousness—God cannot be subjected to such limitations, and who could impose them? The beginner may know nothing at all about the method facing him and he is strongly advised Not to Read in Advance, any of the chapters beyond those on which 17 Concentration The Method he is working, especially the ‘advanced ones Chapters XVIII and XIXuntil all the preceding ones have been mastered.

And there are quite enough obstacles to overcome and troubles to avoid without adding to them. What is really meant by even a modest and imperfect ‘surrender’ to the Lord? He is quite satisfied with the mere fact itself comcentration nothing else is of any interest.

In other words, we should be able to choose from amongst these vibrations, just what we actually need for our everyday life and definitely refuse to occupy ourselves with mounk when we have better work to do. So, by excluding everything from his consciousness as being unreal, except the bare essence of being rays of which are manifested in himselfman can and should Concentration Eastern Methods or Yoga Mind before Heart reach the full achievement of his spiritual struggles.

It remains as an apparently insoluble enigma. We will attempt to gain this control in the chapters that follow. Or why, when certain thoughts occur, they bring with them particular emotions and remembrance of feelings?

Mouni Sadhu

Such an arrangement is even against the very idea of concentrated and directed effort, which is expected from the student. Now look closely at the functions of your mind-brain. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Where I am heading with this, besides giving you a bit of insight on what I read is how it applies to my last two weeks.

To note is that I was listening to this mantra, http: Among the special prayers and concentrration which were used to combat the attacking evil forces, was one that attracted my notice by its exceptional force and depth, which helped concentration more than anything I had known previously.

Books by Mouni Sadhu. In the chronicles diaries and biographies of exceptionally advanced human Concentration The Role of Concen tration in a Spiritual Search beings, we usually find that an utterly different kind of prayer was used by these great saints of both the East and West. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. It was to take him to the front line, where the fire of battle was then raging, a fire from which so many never returned.


His wife desperately tried the last hope by taking her husband to St Seraphim. From the start we hear little saddhu feelings and emotions apart from constant admonitions, that both must be dominated and removed from the field of consciousness of a Raja-yogi. But there is a lot of chaff among what is supposed to be concentrqtion wheat.

But not even the smallest detail should be omitted from the exercises, because the success of the endeavour depends upon the exactness of comcentration application.

If these questions remain unanswered, then we have to recognize that we are not masters of our minds. You see that I am unable to move even one step,’ sadly replied the Governor. The next pan is clearer still. As there is no “personal decision of God” there cannot be any concntration “decisions” at all, for who would make them?

There is no more birth nor death for the fully spiritualized being. He points out that there are two ways to moini, which by the fact of mention he evidently supports: Learn more about Amazon Prime. Another genuine help is to read inspiring books written by men who themselves have passed through the many difficulties in their livesbut who have finally experienced the Truth and landed safely on the shore whose blessed name is—attainment.

Where then lies help? A mind unacquainted with strong concentrated thinking about very simple objects first needs to eradicate the old bad habits. During the Third Century of this era, among the hot sands and rocks of the Egyptian desert west of the Nile and also around the fertile delta of that great river, there were the abodes of many men of the first Christian Church—the ascetics, who were recognized as saints.