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The author presents examples of such products excavated in the Sandomierz region the Little Poland. In this region they are some phenomena of distinguishing it from others The special role played the East Little Poland – the territory dczesnoredniowiecznej both sides of upper Bug river. It is the first scientific publication of the interdisciplinary research concerning He states that the term “medieval white pottery” covers heterogeneous qualities of raw materials such as properties, origin and their geological contexts.

Archeolobia that time in other regions Christianisation had already been considerably advanced. Pottery, Potsherds and the Archaeologist: Ancient cities at the beginning of the early Middle Ages: Mediaeval historians as well as archaeologists have been intrigued by the beginning of Christianity in Poland. One group embraces a category of symbols so far unknown: The first question is how the local post-Roman period communities assimilated the first Slavs?

Sandomierz with the whole its region was an important spot on the map of these research. Raw materials stone and ceramicCeramology poldki, Archeology of Early Medieval Polandand medieval white pottery. Archeoloogia, the midth c. Douglas Priceand Tomasz Purowski.


The economic slump of the 5th century was not so deeply marked here. The problem of political, ideological and cultural interrelations on the Polish-Rus borderland over last decades is defined as a crucial point for wczesnorddniowiecznej historians and archaeologists.

Urbanization of the western outskirts of Europe. Both historical places of worship and early urban centres dating back to the beginnings of the Polish State are located in the area. But, on the other hand, there is no one consistent pattern. In all cases the way in which the sign was formed can be described.

Andrzej Buko

Most probably Little Poland with Cracow was from the very start an area desired by the founders of the new dynasty. Each of the above-named towers are similar in form and they all date back to the 13th century. The unique character of this discovery is mainly due to the fact that a small, elite population was buried there. He states that the term However, many features which clearly distinguish them can be pointed out at the same time.

Medieval PotteryProvenance studies of archaeological materialPottery technology and functionPottery classificationand Pottery fragmentation. Edilizia residenziale in Europa centro-settentrionale secoli IX-X more.

Wczesnoredniowiecznrj durability of ceramic materials through the time, 2. Both were located at a strategic junction of roads which allowed control of a ford across the Vistula.

Although many of them played a key role in the strengthening of the state of Polanie, not all archeolotia them became towns. But in the light wczesnoredniowiecznrj the recent archaeological research, the material culture of Sandomierz and Zawichost are not really comparable. Sandomierz located in southern Poland, has a long history going back to the origins of the Polish State.


In the paper the most significant results of archaeological research that took place in the Sandomierz region in the years were discussed. This may mean that for the local societies this culture was — in a longer perspective — ideologically strange and therefore its adaptation very scarce. It is highly probable that at least some of the descriptions of places and objects in the Chronicle could have been fi rsthand. Polish History and Early Medieval Towns.

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Greater difficulty is imposed when transferring the legendary data, which relate to places of the new dynastic nascence, into the data of archaeology.

Pottery ArchaeologyQuantitative analysisand Fragmentation.

In the case of Sandomierz there are also written wczesnoredniowieczndj that prove the centre’s exceptional significance at the dawn of the State of the First Piasts. Fortified medieval sites in central Europe more. Little Poland had never been a single territorial, cultural or political unit.

In this region they are some phenomena of distinguishing it from others. Discoveries — Hypotheses — Interpretations more. New Research Results and Challenges more.