AGGANNA SUTTA SINHALA PDF – oS ksldh. kfud ;ii ;d wryf;d iuud iunqoaOii.. 49 ‘ w.a. Uploader: Fekora The Buddha emphasizes the. THUS HAVE I HEARD. Once the Lord was staying at Savatthi, at the mansion of Migara’s mother in the East Park. And at that time Vasettha and Bhāradvāja. oS ksldh. kfud ;ii ;d wryf;d iuud iunqoaOii. [\q /]. 49′ w.a.[a[ iQ;1h. 3′ ud jsiska fufia wik,os’ tla lf,l ;2ka jykafia ieje;akqjr iuSmfhyysjQ mQrAjdrdkfhys .

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Aggañña Sutta – Wikipedia

Pages from the book. Apparently they have aggabna faith on science. Look Inside the Book. Part of a series on Buddhism History. Elakiri keep it up.

Dear friends, If xinhala are a person hoping to start in Dhamma following resources from Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery might be really useful. Four Stages Arhat Buddha Bodhisattva. Given below is the back cover of a book on the Sutta by Ven.

There is a clue to this in Agganna Sutta of Digha Nikaya there may be other clues which I am not aware of although that Sutta was disclosed by the Buddha with a different intent i. They offer him humble service and salute him, rise and do him homage and pay him fitting service. The comments we see on the forum are frank opinions people have. Then the Lord said to Vasettha: So too will a Brahmin, [97] a Vessa or a Sudda.


Also the rice grew in kernels and husks, scattered, which the creatures must work, nurse, maintain, harvest, and cook in order to obtain the white rice. Each translation presents the original text in different shade. I believe Lord Buddha stressed on this as well.

The people who saw a couple engaged in sexual activity scolded them, and usually the couple were forbidden from entering the village for a certain period of time. While on the social science part, the Buddha’s words implied the equality of origin in the human race, whether by their sex, appearance, or by other categories which were founded later based on physiological differences.

Explaining Buddhism with Science [Archive] – ElaKiri Community

As I see, it’s only because they do not unfortunately have Shraddha in what disclosed by Buddha. They set up retreats and huts in the forests and meditated there. So there’s no point of suggesting the impossible or getting disturbed by behavior of ‘others like us’ So we should use the very sinhalaa observation you’ve made to realize that one’s mind is like ‘a monkey jumping from branch to branch in a forest’ See how appropriate this simile to explain our mind that jump on each input we get from senses; It was one used by Sammasambuddha Gautama.


The First and Best Buddhist Teachings: Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero is disclosing again Dhamma which was masked for years by a host of myths. It’s time we start understanding ourselves Or is it sinhxla sin for suttz to intervene and take it’s life? Again he was seized and rebuked, and some hit him with their fists, some with stones, and some with sticks. Then, after the turnips, the earth was grown with rice plants.

The first rice plants were without husk and kernels. The logical explanation of this was that the creatures were the self-illuminating, so blinding and luminous that they didn’t notice the Sun. I really like this website!

Aggañña Sutta

Then, they bestowed also the second title: Becuase everything in Sansara is for existence not for stopping. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda Thero Part 1 http: Vijaya Sutta — Victory Sn 1.

It was the colour of fine ghee or butter, and it was very sweet, like pure wild honey.