From an administrative standpoint, CA ACF2 is tailored to individual users, Access Controls & Profile Records · Mapping CA ACF2 Guides to DocOps . The security and maintenance reports assist with security maintenance, administration. Back to Bookshelf. Expand All Collapse All. Administrator Guide · Legal Notices · Contact CA Technologies; Expand Introduction Introduction · Required. ACF2 Administrator’s Guide. MVS Installations. Table of Contents. COMPILE Subcommand–RULE or ACF Setting ‘••.

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This package contains the policies that enable the driver to collect data for reports. Ensure that the change log started task has been set up properly. See the log for additional messages that indicate the cause of the error. To view the results of the migration, click View the Driver Status Log.

Five event types were included:. The server was requested to stop. The Fan-Out driver also provides authentication redirection from those systems.

Unsupported SSL/TLS Version

Association matching rule expressions administtator specify an exact association or a limited regular expression.


It was not called from an interactive session and could not prompt for a correction.

The guidr uses an embedded Remote Loader. The default policies and rules are discussed in Section 1. The driver shim could not execute scriptName.

If the command was issued by the driver shim, collect diagnostic information and contact NetIQ Technical Support. LWSW Too many retries to obtain port number. These passwords should be changed periodically.

Identity Manager 4.7 Driver for Mainframes: ACF2 Implementation Guide

You can also specify these options on the command line. Identity Manager provides a built-in migration feature to help you accomplish this.

Migrate the users to make new associations. The specified parameter is not supported in this release and might be removed in future releases. Specify the Remote Loader password. Class names must be in the application namespace.

Unsupported SSL/TLS Version

Tool used by both channels to query the ACF2 Logonid database for records and fields. During initialization, the change log started task found the listed parameters present on the command line. These messages indicate items that are not urgent enough to warrant operator afc2, but useful for tracking the progress of the driver. To gain accurate samples, measurements were taken in steps:. Descriptive name for the ACF2 connected system.


These attributes can be accessed by the REXX execs for all event types. Ensure that the connected system accepts passwords from the Identity Vault.

This page is axf2 only if you installed the Entitlements package. Click Addthen browse to and select the object with the correct rights.

Identity Manager Driver for Mainframes: ACF2 Implementation Guide

See the error string for guise details about the error. You must specify a class name. The acceptable characters are as follows: The log file utility is initializing the change log data set with a blocksize of blksize.

A new client request identified by id has been started from the specified IP address on the displayed port number.

Include sections and exclude sections can contain class matching rules, and class matching rules can contain attribute matching rules.