Author: Victoria Boutenko Foreword by: Gabriel Cousens, M.D. other vital questions are addressed in 12 Steps to Raw Foods in an open and sincere dialogue. followed by her usual thorough research, Victoria Boutenko presents . Overall, 12 Steps to Raw Foods is a breakthrough work for the live-food. Why do we overeat time and time again? Why do we make poor diet choices while we want to be healthy? What makes losing weight so difficult? These and.

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This author even speaks of raq, and if I go by her questionnare, I’m addicted to breathing, going to the toilet and drinking water, too. I can’t help but root for kooky Aunt Vicky because I feel like she’s coming from a positive place and sharing what has helped her deal with her own food addiction issues and her family’s health problems.

12 Steps to Raw Foods

Every now and then I need the reminder that diet is very important to overall health, and therefore worth the 21, money, and effort that it takes to stay on the health track in a very unhealthy food victlria.

I like the author and found the book easy and enjoyable to read. She does a great job expl I started this book right when I got pregnant with Melissa. As a result of her teachings, many raw food communities have formed in numerous countries.

12 Steps to Raw Foods: How to End Your Addiction to Cooked Food

And damn, if we are not feeling better already. The best way I can sum up this book is that it’s like reading something written by your kind of crazy but well-intentioned Russian auntie. I was a vegetarian for 3 years and I believe I waas healthier when I didn’t eat meat. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I’ve only tried one which I didn’t like, but only because it turns out I don’t like the sogginess of spring rolls. Jul 31, Maxime rated it really liked it.

It was recommended to me, and I was given the impression that it was suppose to help me gradually introduce more raw foods into my dietary habits.

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Boutenko shuns cooked food, but science seems to be saying that cooked tomatoes are more potent for one’s health than raw ones. Jan 15, Emily Mellow rated it it was amazing Shelves: Vieira, DC, fellow of the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture “A marvelous book full of useful information for people seeking a better understanding of boutsnko relationship between nutritional factors and optimal health. May 08, Pages Buy. What makes losing weight so difficult? Such a radical change in the way we eat affects all aspects of life.

Definitely helped me transition to eating more raw foods in my diet. Discover three magic sentences that enable you to refuse your mother-in-law’s apple pie without offending her.

Mar 10, Deb rated it really liked it. Return to Book Page.

Unfortunately, the raw food zealots are not okay with this ssteps, either you do it their way or no way and that is just crazy. Augustine called, “The Present Moment.

The personal experiences she shared were just as effective facts. If you are near me- send me an email and we can start our own ceremonial green soup at 2pm like Victoria or go to a Raw Fictoria in St. Stay in Touch Sign up.

Already a classic, this enhanced second edition is aimed at anyone interested in improving their health through diet. Cooking is what helped the human race survive longer by allowing us to consume foods otherwise not available on a raw diet.

Whether or not you have an addiction to cooked foods I’m still trying to digest that onethis book is certainly worth the read. This was four years ago and my husband and I slipped back from a percent raw diet to 20 warm food and 80 percent live raw food. I stubbled upon this book ’12 Steps to Raw Foods’ at the used bookstore I work in.

Oct 11, Hilary Roberts rated it really liked it Shelves: Boutenko touches on the human relationship with nature, the value of supporting others, and the importance of living in harmony with people who don’t share the same point of view on eating. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

There is a good amount of nutritional and biochemical information, but it never overwhelms. The author gives a very honest account at her horrid eating habits, but I can see that any change in diet would have probably saved her life. I did not need to question Victoria’s research, because my own body was telling me that raw food makes me feel happier, sexier and gives my mind clarity.


Table of contents Foreword by Dr. Boutenko is extremely knowledgable and her writing reads very easily.

For the wild story about my husband and I at Victoria’s vitoria read my book: These and many other vital questions are addressed in “12 Steps to Raw Foods” in an open and sincere syeps. This book was just too bizarre to me. This book contains self-tests and questionnaires that help the reader to determine if they have hidden eating patterns that undermine their health. Mainly for teaching me about green smoothies.

An excellent and thorough book about moving from cooked foods to raw foods — a must-read for anyone considering following a raw or mostly raw diet. It’s been about six months since I started incorporating green smoothies into my diet on a regular basis and I feel more refreshed and detoxified than I did when I was eating more processed foods.

Everything about the diet she suggests and attitude about nutrition that she conveys seems to me like the most necessary antithesis to today’s nutrient-less and thoughtless eating habits.

12 Steps to Raw Foods by Victoria Boutenko – PDF Drive

I love that she has a spiritual side and teaches the importance of gratitude. I loved this book. I studied my life and realized it was my diet that was causing my humdrum vibration The explanations of what happens in health and disease and how the body reacts to cooked foods Hm.

I just needed a little help again eteps get back on track.

Description Why do we overeat time and time again? Many unprovable statements are hauled in as supporting evidence. Some of her suggestions were kind of wacky but I liked the tone of the book.